Virtually Real Part 1: So what is real?

Virtually Real Part 1: So what is real?

I can exist in virtual reality – DJ LIBRE could sign up to ‘Second Life’ the online virtual world
You could come to my club night and I’ll DJ live in real time!
Sad? clapping your hands and dancing by pressing keys? yes but….

Virtual Reality (VR) is already here

PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo all allow you to BE something, case in point is guitar hero and band hero
Simulations for all kinds of things are becoming common place and entire online gaming and virtual world communities exist

‘It’s all about you baby! …being someone else’

Or is it…

Virtual worlds have everything they need now… to grow and mimic real life. Users have:

  • identities
  • ability to interact with other people like mail, talk, fight, compete, share, kill! even have virtual sex
  • things to do, places to go
  • ability create their own things, groups, bars, clubs, homes, businesses etc

VR is already a much more attractive proposition than real life for a lot of people
I used to think that VR would take off for people who loved escapism, for whatever reason
They come home and plug in to their games console or watch TV shows where they live through the characters of soaps

but of course they can never escape themselves (who can?)

and how long before they start interacting with each other in their games and interactive TV shows before it reflects what they do in real life? So now even the pure escapists are having to deal with real issues again

In second Life there have been arguments, love affairs, theft, territorial struggles, even revolts!
Some users are discovering that power comes with responsibility. In fact just like a real country the owners have to periodically clean up and regulate

It proves only one thing

We create our own reality (be it virtual or real)
We pretend to be something and we become it – get your head around that one
We still end up in the same situations, just the surroundings are different

‘It’s all about YOU baby!’ and soon it wont matter if it’s ‘real’ or ‘virtually real’

So you don’t believe me huh? Lets see what the big players think…


The biggest money makers are already online and serving up virtual paradise in the latest and greatest ways

The gambling industry has burst online in the UK with casinos, betting and poker
The entertainment industry… all of your music film and gaming needs in one place… Gateways like Sony – your world of entertainment provided to you by Sony exclusively
Governments: are introducing online form filling, public information services and paying your tax online
and of course the sex industry has always been one of the earliest adopters of new technology with webcams, videos galore and live chat with the girl on your TV or computer etc etc
Feeling uncomfortable yet?

They all think it’s pretty real, oh yeah, and when you can access the Internet on your TV it’s really gonna hit home

Let me repeat that word to you…HOME


are you getting the message yet…?

It wont matter if it’s virtual or not

and now the REAL shocker… Virtual Currency

Any virtual world can have it’s own currency
You thought a licence to print money would be  pretty handy eh? but this is way, way better

Create a new virtual currency
What happens when enough people subscribe to a virtual currency? They have power to trade & bargain
What if they could convert it to real currency? (Second Life dollars have an exchange rate for theirs…)

Now it affects real economies…

Huge chunks of a market from the real world could go into the virtual world and re write the rule book in the process
Entire populations could start using another currency more than their own, what effect would that have?

And casino operators with their own currency? outside of real world legislation? Don’t you think they’d be delighted!

The FBI actually investigated Second Life for illegal online gambling activity… err but it’s not actually real right?
(for ‘illegal’ read ‘unregulated and untaxed by the govt’)
Governments are getting itchy about a new economy they are not part of, don’t control and can’t tax

Second Life closed down all casinos and other gambling dens…

Still don’t believe me? Got a Paypal account?

Paypal has become an online bank and an international bank
Their slogan was ‘PayPal: a New World Currency’
What if they said ‘if you want to use PayPal you have to use PP dollars now – but don’t worry we’ll give you $1PP for £1UK or $1US’ just carry on…

Brand new currency, use it pretty much anywhere, not attached to a country or a government

Trade is trade – any time any where virtual or not
and while you can have only one real world, you can have limitless virtual worlds which can extend infinitely
Now which sounds more attractive to a business?

So what’s going to happen? EVERYTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN…!

We are making it real and if we cant get to another planet to populate then we’ll god damn well make (a virtual) one…
What we do with it is entirely up to us…

Err haven’t we been here before?

Thanks to Slainson on Twitter and Bary Collins on PCPro

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What’s really real now?

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