Marketing Madness – part 1

Marketing Madness – part 1

On looking for a solution for music promotion for Indy artists amidst this world of profiles (the holy grail of marketers) social networks, widgets and more

I find…
1. The hard sell – everyone is talking around the subject and using it to sell their book or service (which will make you rich/famous)

2. it’s almost impossible to find any case studies of successful indies utilising all these new techniques

3. the old pyramid network marketing trick is back (see no.1 again) and the boom time for the middle man

4. I am starting to instinctively revolt against all this new stuff and look for people saying negative things so i can agree with them (the exact opposite of the desired effect)

Even one guy online admits that his ebook threw a lot of it’s readers (bands) into confusion… so he wrote another book to help them get out of it!!!

move on to part 2 (next post) for more and how to negotiate this marketing madness!

Props to Hub Spot for the picture…check out his gallery on Flickr… it’s great!